Challenge 4

challenge 4

Improve the accessibility of health services to fragile and elderly people

How might we... ?

Monitor the caregiver life-quality with good indicators?

Guarantee the patient a continuous emotional support after highly complex therapies (such as dialysis, chemotherapy...)?

Organize inside the pharmacy a specific point/desk to give information about local health-services?

Avoid the patient/caregiver gets lost in the hospitals/clinical structures?

Make sure that consultation rooms and registration desk share the same information, in order to avoid a double-queue?

Make the medical exam outcome more accessible, based on the patient clinical history?

Help patient to organize transfers/relocations inside and outside the hospital when he needs different medical examination in the same day?

Filter, prioritize and customize medical reservations based on needs, pathology and clinical history of patients?

Rethink the fragile patients journey to reduce stress?

Train and accompany patients and caregivers in the management and control of the characteristic side effects of the therapies?

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