Challenge 3

challenge 3

Help patients to manage their therapy journey and organize displacements from home to the hospital and their cure time

How might we... ?

Help patient to remember the crucial steps of his therapy?

Limit the continuous information request coming from patients and caregivers who are looking for some help in the management of the home-therapy?

Avoid the continuous passages through the reservation desk during highly complex therapies steps?

Filter, prioritize and customize medical reservations based on needs, pathology and clinical history of patients?

Make sure that consultation rooms and registration desk share the same information, in order to avoid a double-queue?

Help the patient to organize transfers/relocations inside and outside the hospital when he needs different medical examination in the same day?

Guarantee a simultaneous monitoring of the home-patient from different medical specialists?

Help caregivers to learn how to remember the methods of administration of the therapy at home?

Ensure the caregiver is carrying out the right therapy to the patient at home? Give patients an estimated waiting time before medical examinations?

Train and accompany patients and caregivers in the management and control of the characteristic side effects of the therapies?

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