Challenge 1

challenge 1

Use information and data to empower and engage patients and caregivers

How might we... ?

Help patients to remember the fundamental steps of their therapy?

Help caregivers to learn how to remember the methods of administration of the therapy at home?

Reduce disorientation and uncertainty of patients and caregivers during the diagnosis process? Make clearer and effective/efficient the communication of informed consent?

Organize inside the pharmacy a specific point/desk to give information about local health-services?

Improve the daily routine of post-acute therapy of oncological, chronic and long living patients?

Avoid the continuous passages through the reservation desk during highly complex therapies steps?

Tell if the patient will be in charge of the hospital or of local health services?

Think about a feedback system to motivate patients during rehabilitation therapies? Explain the patient his chronic illness, making sure he can manage his condition?

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